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Decolonizing Southeast Asian Sound Archives (DeCoSEAS)

Decolonizing Southeast Asian Sound Archives (DeCoSEAS) is a three-year research and community engagement project funded by the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) on Cultural Heritage and Global Change supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. DeCoSEAS proposes the decolonization of heritage curation with three formative orientation points: the improvement… Continue reading


Hi there! My name is meLê yamomo. I live between Amsterdam and Berlin, and I am a researcher and a theatre-maker/composer. As a theatre director and composer, I’ve recently created the pieces  »Echoing Europe« and »sonus – the sound within us« which are on repertoire at the Theater Ballhaus Naunynstraße. In Autumn… Continue reading

Sonic Entanglements the Podcast

  The Sonic Entanglements Podcast is now online! This series examines the history of sounds in Southeast Asia , through conversations with sound experts: sound historians, artists, engineers, and scholars. Sonic Entanglements Podcast is funded by the  Dutch Resesarch Organization (NWO) and is hosted and produced by meLê yamomo. You can also… Continue reading