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FAUST [working title]

It’s one week away from the premiere of FAUST [working title] at the Dutch National Opera. I am working in the production as dramaturgical adviser. A key concept that the artistic team will be integrating into this work is the notion of the body and performative repertoire as a cultural archive. How can we engage… Continue reading

Opera and the Exotic in Us

Catch the online performances of this year’s Mannheimer Sommer Festival, running this week. On Friday, I will be giving the keynote lecture, “Opera and the Exotic in Us”. This will be followed by an online discussion moderated by NTM diversity officer Sophie Kara, the designated director of the musical department at NTM, Thomas Hermann, the… Continue reading

Pannenkoek Rondeau Livestream

YouTube crashed during our live-stream, but luckily we made an offline recording. You can now watch the performance on the YT link below. Six weeks ago, Festival KUUB was migrating its program online due to the pandemic. Lonneke, asked if I have a piece that can be performed online. I was thinking how the CoVid19-induced… Continue reading

Doe mee met het Pannenkoek Ensemble!

[NL] Voor de 2020 editie van KUUB Festival (curated door Lonneke Van Heugten) schreef ik een online muziek/performance stuk over pandemie-veroorzaakte isolatie en de noodzaak van samen eten. Samen met trompettist Thijs van den Geest en dichteresen Willemijn van den Geest en Yanaika Zomer, ik nodig jullie uit om mee te doen met het Pannenkoek… Continue reading

Dolor y Gloria – Pasyon 2020

We’d like to share the trailer/rehearsal of Pasyon 2020 that Pepe Dayaw and I did a few weeks ago, right before the quarantine. We were unable to fully realize the performance due to the technical difficulties circumscribed by the global pandemic. We look forward to re-sounding/re-wiring voicings of passion next Cuaresma. We hope your time… Continue reading