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Sonic Entanglements

  Sonic Entanglements: Listening to Modernities in Sound Recordings of Southeast Asia, 1890-1950 endeavors to expand the historiographical archival corpus to include the early sound media and technologies as primary sources for the theoretical reflection of the Southeast Asian cultural history of modernities and the region’s entanglement with modern globalization. The project methodologically shifts away from the philological… Continue reading

Sonic Entanglements the Podcast

  Sonic Entanglements Podcast examines the history of sounds in the Asia Pacific, through conversations with sound experts: sound historians, artists, engineers, and scholars. Sonic Entanglements Podcast  is funded by the  Dutch Resesarch Organization (NWO) and is hosted and produced by meLê yamomo. Season One of Sonic Entanglements Podcast will be released in June 2018.  Listen to the trailer on the… Continue reading

Sari-sari Project (2016-present)

  Sari-sari (Tagalog, adjective: “variety”) is an ongoing project/site that incubates sound and performance projects exploring the entanglements of contemporary aesthetics and ideologies within the issues of (post)colonial histories, intersectional politics, and queer migration. As one of Sari-sari’s artistic directors, meLê yamomo has implemented workshops, discussions, and exploratory platforms that engaged and questioned artistic methodologies to find contemporary… Continue reading

Globalization in Cylinders

Project Title Globalization in Cylinders: Recording Asian Sounds on the European Stage, 1890-1910 Research Fellowship (2016-2017) Funded by the International Research Center »Interweaving Performance Cultures« Project Summary In September 1900, Carl Stumpf, professor of psychology, recorded the guest performance of a Siamese music theatre group in Berlin on an Edison cylinder with the help of the… Continue reading

Sounding Modernities

Sounding Modernities: Theatre and Music in Manila and the Asia Pacific, 1869-1946   Doctoral Project (2010-2014) Ludwig Maximilians Universität München Funded by: the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft/German Research Foundation (DFG) “Global Theatre Histories” Summary The arrival of modernity is often hailed in visual terms, but not as much as with the heraldry of its concomitant proliferation of sound, nor… Continue reading

Cegos in Amsterdam (2014)

  5 June 2015 Urban Intervention Performance in the Amsterdam city center Conceived and produced by Marcos Bulhoes and Marcelo Denny of the University of Sao Paulo In Partnership with the University of Amsterdam – Theatre Studies Department

The Memory Booth (2011)

The Memory Booth – an interactive body-memory installation (2011) [] Launched at Camillo 2.0 (PSI Conference – Utrecht) Featured at Transnational.Transcultural. Transformation. Theatre Conference and Festival (Melbourne, Australia) Programming: Neal Lewis Design: Solkin Keizer/meLê yamomo Sound Design: Markus Hoogervoorst/meLê yamomo Production & Marketing: Jessica Maxwell Producer/Dramaturg: Will Peterson Executive Producer/Dramaturg: Lonneke van Heugten Concept/Artistic Direction:… Continue reading

Nothing makes me feel happier than a bowl of bean cassoulet (2009)

    Performed at the Warwick Studio-Theatre (UK 2009) “The production set off to explore the theme of home(lessness) in its many contemporary manifestations through a range of characters that experience various forms of displacement and uprootedness. Placed against the geopolitical backdrop of the early 21st century, these characters emerged as subjects negotiating the contradictions… Continue reading

{The Alunsina Network} (2008)

    {The Alunsina Network} Universiteitstheater (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) December 2008 Libretto: Maya Arad Dramaturgy: Lonneke van Heugten Sound Design: Markus Hoogervoost Device, Direction, Video, Light, Production, Sound Design: meLê yamomo

Oda a la Esperanza (2008)

  14 october 2008 Patravadi Studio Theatre ABAC Theatre Festival Featuring: Ornphicha Chawankul Kat Fanega Simon Ishnakov Hanna Ito Kanit Jirasakkasem Ken Ryan meLê yamomo Devised/Designed/Directed and Choreographed by meLê yamomo Assistant to the Director: Athippati Jirakongpipat Festival Poster