Remix Almanya – A Post-Migrant Hip-Hop Narrative

Remix Almanya – A Post-Migrant Hip-Hop Narrative.

We put together a story. A story which has become a remix of rap, migration and empowerment, in which the ambivalent echo of four decades of Almanya reverberates.

What does the music of the so-called “guest workers” of the 1960s and 1970s and the expatriates of the 1980s have to do the with the actual German “gangsta rap”? What connection is there between the political and cultural empowerment of the first generation, the struggles for citizenship rights in the 1990s and the current dazzling pop culture?

In our reading we remix images, texts, songs and films from 40 years of Almanya with personal experiences and social debates. We traverse the forgotten years of old-school hip-hop, shed light on the impact of reunification on the birth of German rap and question the sound of gangsta rap – and we ask about class, race and gender in this story of empowerment.

Murat Güngör, ex-rapper and co-founder of anti-racist network “Kanak Attak” and Hannes Loh, former rapper of the group “Anarchist Academy” recall the beginnings of German hip-hop from the post-migrant scene in their lecture performance at Ballhaus Naunynstraße – with tracks by Metin Türköz, Advanced Chemistry, Eko Fresh, Haftbefehl or SXTN, amongst others.

Murat Güngör
Hannes Loh

Premiere: 12 March 2022.