Synthesized Planet

Synthesized Planet.

Is it possible to travel with the help of sound? To unknown places? We know, since the sound events of Sun Ra, that sound has a driving energy. It is an energy that can transport us away from all earthly borders to other planets. And when we speak of earthly borders, we mean the man-made hierarchies, exclusions, arrangements of bodies and roles, of thought patterns and patterns of behaviour. Sound is the energy that propels us into open space.

Sky Deep and Pisitakun Kuantalaeng are masters of this sound technology. When asked about their musical influences, Pisitakun refers to the traditional sounds of Thailand. Sky Deep grew up in a family history of American jazz. Today she calls herself a sound artist, a multimedia artist, a poet. Pisitakun initially worked in the visual arts, moved on to installation and then to electronic composition. Boundaries of discipline were crossed; new spaces were entered. Her works are driven by the desire to leave the prescribed and assigned setting and to come up with new connections through creative expansion. Now they are coming together for the first time, to create a common space: synthesized planet.

Sky Deep and Pisitakun Kuantalaeng have a shared and special understanding of sound as space. It is an occurrence that expands in space. That itself creates spaces. That is of different temperatures and structures and is full of unpredictability. Sound is the open space – it is also up to us, how we meet each other and connect in it.

Sky Deep
Pisitakun Kuantalaeng

Premiere: 20-21 May 2022.