Intercultural Processes & Art: The Next Level

Intercultural Processes & Art: The Next Level. Presentation of a performative laboratory of post-migrant arts.
Post-migrant arts ‒ we ask ourselves: what are the current strategies, narratives and politics that can be identified in this theatre movement? What methods or approaches are new to us, reaching beyond previous terrains, artistic disciplines, aesthetic philosophies and geographical references? And how can we make such a ‘multiple’ knowledge accessible to us and others? How can the field of topics be expanded? And how can forms of self-representation that have been successful in other formats such as film and literature be applied?

We initiate a dialogue between protagonists from neighbouring communities and artistic disciplines, making an attempt at using a form of organized love to bring together long existing communities. Ten days of sharing experiences, ten days of meeting experts from the most diverse sectors of the art world, ten days of exploring, experimenting, conceptualizing, taking creative (de-)tours.

So far, the art and theatre scene has been geared towards certain individuals and productions. We target our mutual wealth of experiences that is able to respond to the pressure of cultural essentialization, attributions and expectations. All this is inspired by working together as well as postulating a post-migrant theatrical legacy which is constantly being developed further: post-migrant arts leading up to the next level. Ten days of sharing experiences ‒ one evening of presentation.

Curated by Laura Paetau and Julien Enzanza.
Teinehmer*innen: Michael Daoud, Janine JembereRosina KaleabJao MoonSilvia Ospina, Simon(e) Paetau, Tayi Sanusi, Hristina Vasic Tomše, Amrit Walia.
Inputgeber*innen: Wagner Carvalho, Karina Griffith, Sandrine Micossé-Aikins, Yvette Mutumba, Onur Suzan Nobrega, Atif Mohammed Nor Hussein, Margarita Tsomou, meLê yamomo.

Premiere: 26-27 November 2017.