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Sonic Entanglements the Podcast

The Sonic Entanglements Podcast is now online! This series examines the history of sounds in Southeast Asia , through conversations with sound experts: sound historians, artists, engineers, and scholars. Sonic Entanglements Podcast is funded by the  Dutch Resesarch Organization (NWO) and is hosted and produced by meLê yamomo. You can also listen… Continue reading

[NWO Veni Project] Sonic Entanglements (2017-2022)

Sonic Entanglements: Listening to Modernities in Sound Recordings of Southeast Asia, 1890-1950 endeavors to expand the historiographical archival corpus to include the early sound media and technologies as primary sources for the theoretical reflection of the Southeast Asian cultural history of modernities and the region’s entanglement with modern globalization. The project methodologically shifts… Continue reading