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Nothing makes me feel happier than a bowl of bean cassoulet (2009)

    Performed at the Warwick Studio-Theatre (UK 2009) “The production set off to explore the theme of home(lessness) in its many contemporary manifestations through a range of characters that experience various forms of displacement and uprootedness. Placed against the geopolitical backdrop of the early 21st century, these characters emerged… Continue reading

{The Alunsina Network} (2008)

{The Alunsina Network} Universiteitstheater (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) December 2008 Libretto: Maya Arad Dramaturgy: Lonneke van Heugten Sound Design: Markus Hoogervoost Device, Direction, Video, Light, Production, Sound Design: meLê yamomo

Oda a la Esperanza (2008)

Oda a la Esperanza. 14 October 2008 Patravadi Studio Theatre ABAC Theatre Festival Devised/Designed/Directed and Choreographed by meLê yamomo Assistant to the Director: Athippati Jirakongpipat Featuring: Ornphicha Chawankul Kat Fanega Simon Ishnakov Hanna Ito Kanit Jirasakkasem Ken Ryan meLê yamomo Festival Poster: