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Eigenschwingungen – Forces of Overtones

Eigenschwingungen – Forces of Overtones. The encounter: there is no sound without a second, third, fourth one. Something always resonates. But what? European music history prefers fundamental tones; they are considered “harmonious”. Bells, claves, gongs, flutes…most bodies of sound outside of Europe respond to different aesthetic needs. The specialist in… Continue reading

sonus – the sound within us

sonus – the sound within us. What is the sound of memory? How do we listen to memory in its multitude – to histories? The sound of history is ephemeral. And yet it persists. Electronic music, piano, lecture performance: in sonus ‒ the sound within us the performance artist and… Continue reading

Gaung – Unpredictable Resonance

Gaung – Unpredictable Resonance. Before the first note sounds, the room is already filled. Even the gods expect a special sound. We see an instrument and imagine its sound, we desire the first note, the beginning of the concert. We fill the room with our expectations.Expectations of what? The gamelan is… Continue reading