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Wie klingt Kolonialismus? meLê yamomo im Interview

Elisa Erkelenz came to Ballhaus Naunynstrasse to see Echoing Europe – Postcolonial Reverberations last December, and we talked about sound, music, performance, and archives. Thanks, Elisa for including our conversation on the latest edition of VAN Outernational Magazine. “yamomos Soundperformance im Ballhaus Naunynstrasse ist eine vielschichtige Überlagerung verschiedener Zeiten und Bewertungssysteme. Der Saal des Ballhauses ist für die… Continue reading

Sonic Entanglements Team at the “Inward/Outward” Symposium

The Sonic Entanglements Team composed of Prof. Sri Margana (Universitas Gadjah Mada), Vincent Kuitenbrouwer (University of Amsterdam), and me will have a panel at the “Inward/Outward” Symposium organized by the Dutch Institute of Sound and Vision and the KITLV (Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies). The symposium will offer dedicated sessions focused on investigating… Continue reading

“Sometimes you only have to listen…” About the sonic entanglements of our colonial past

Sometime in summer, Stefan Donath and I were sitting at the glass-window-surrounded kitchen of the International Research Center “Interweaving Performance Cultures”, soaking in the sun and chatting about the premiere of Echoing Europe – Postcolonial Reverberations. You can eavesdrop on our conversation which is now an article on the Textures online magazine. I met meLê yamomo in June 2019… Continue reading

»Echoing Europe« Returns to the Stage in December

I have been asking myself: is it ever possible to decolonize from within the institutions of the empire? In inscribing subalternity within the language of inherently Eurocentric academia and institutional art, am I not then just complicit to colonialism? I reflect on these questions in the sound performance/composed theatre project Echoing Europe – Postcolonial Reverberations — returning… Continue reading

»sonus — the sound within us«

On 25 October, I will be premiering a new piece, »sonus — the sound within us« at Theater Ballhaus Naunynstraße. For this new project, I am excited to collaborate with Pepe Dayaw (performance artist), Morgan Sully (sound designer), Karlene Denolo-Hayworth (opera singer), Katherina Oliver (opera singer). What is the sound of memory? How do we… Continue reading

TraFo Interview: »Echoing Europe – Postcolonial Reverberations«

Moritz Buchner of the Forum Transregionale Studien interviewed me about my ideas and experience in the creation of »Echoing Europe – Postcolonial Reverberations«. On 16-18 May, you premiered a sound performance entitled “Echoing Europe – Postcolonial Reverberations” at the Theater Ballhaus Naunynstrasse Berlin. Could you tell us the background of the project? Around the same… Continue reading

I won the 2019 ASCA Best Article Award!

I was sitting at the Westergasfabriek last night watching the Pelargos Quartet play aboard and to the accompaniment of helicopters juddering over Amsterdam in Stockhausen’s opera, Aus Licht when I received a text message announcing that I won the ASCA 2019 Best Article award! I did not even think I would be nominated! My sincerest… Continue reading

[Symposium] »Pathways of Performativity in Contemporary Southeast Asian Art«

On 27-28 June 2019 at Haus der Kunst, München, I will be speaking about the topic “Performing Epistemic Disobediences in Manila and Southeast Asia? Decolonial Possibilities in José Maceda’s Udlot-udlot and Ugnayan” at the symposium »Pathways of Performativity in Contemporary Southeast Asian Art«. You can see more information about the symposium on the Haus der Kunst website. Below is… Continue reading

[Conference] »Embodied Histories – Entangled Communities. Southeast Asian and Western Approaches to Narratives and Performance Art«

On 13-14 June, I will speak about my recent performance  »Echoing Europe: Postcolonial Reverberations« at the »Embodied Histories – Entangled Communities. Southeast Asian and Western Approaches to Narratives and Performance Art« conference. You can find more information about the event on the conference website. I also include a short summary below. I hope to see you… Continue reading