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Paghihintay/Waiting (2000)

Paghihintay (2000) Rolando Tinio’s translation of Beckett’s “Wating for Godot” Excerpts of award winning Filipino plays Tanghalang Ramon Corpus, CASA San Miguel (Philippines) Performed  by the Dulaang San Antonio Ensemble Direction: meLê yamomo

Oda a la Cebolla/Ode to the Onion (2002)

Oda a la Cebolla (2002) Ramon Corpus Hall, CASA San Miguel (Philippines) Performed by the Dulaang San Antonio Ensemble Device and Direction: meLê yamomo


Pepe Written by Malou Jacob Directed by meLê yamomo Performed by the Dulaang Sipatlawin (Resident Theatre Company of the Philippine High School for the Arts) National Arts Center, 1996 Entry to the Dula-Daluyan National Youth Theater Festival, 1996