»Decolonial Frequencies Festival« Opening soon!

»Decolonial Frequencies Festival« Opening soon!

I am delighted to invite everyone to the »Decolonial Frequencies Festival« that I am curating. The festival will run through the theatre season 2021-2022 at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse.

Familiar sounds and terrifying noises. The fleeting fragments of remembered melodies, favorite songs, the noise in our home street. We live in our sound world, it gives us orientation, feeling, and energy. Subjective, intimate – and yet the acoustic perception is the result of history, of the colonial formation. What we understand as “music”, as “beautiful”, “harmonious”, “contemporary”, as “literary”, “relevant” or “true” is formed by a history of appreciation and depreciation of sounds, practices, and bodies. Our hearing, understanding, and sound creation were shaped in long frequencies, but stubbornness creates friction, waves of resistance, and echoes of solidarity. Can these clashing interferences register or yield sonic confrontations? Can changes in hearing, understanding, and appreciation be shaped?

»Decolonial Frequencies« is a series of events over the entire 2021/22 theatre season. More than 20 artists, black perspectives, queer approaches, Asian-diasporic occupations, post-migrant traditions, and voices of color, create numerous performances, lectures, and concerts in their constructed acoustic spaces – with critical amplitude, in gyrating oscillation, and in uncontrollable interference.

The autumn edition of Decolonial Frequencies features three premieres:

Festival Opening:
The Sound Of Misunderstanding – Dhvanivala‘s Sonic Explorations

Sandeep Bhagwati (composer, conductor, and musician)
19 September 2021.

Gaung – Unpredictable Resonance

Bilawa Respati (musician)
Ariel William Orah (musician and visual artist)
17 October 2021.

For more information you can visit the website.

Many many thanks to the unwavering support of Ballhaus Naunynstrasse artistic director, Wagner Carvalho and head dramaturg, Fabian Larsson.

The poster is fabulously designed by Marcelo Vilela Da Silva .

»Decolonial Frequencies« is funded by the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe.