Mulat sa Musika ng Kultura 2

Manila Men (Remix): Sonus and Sonic Migration will reprise at the Mindanao State University – Center for Culture and Arts Studies’s webinar series Mulat sa Musika ng Kultura 2: Perspectives of Music in the Philippines.

Save the date: 7 May at 3 PM Philippine Time.

From MSU’s website:

Continuing from last year’s Mulat sa Musika ng Kultura 1, which aims to provide our students and faculty various insights and perspectives that can only be conveyed by recognized experts in the field. Like the first series, the topics are linked to music, culture, research, and artists’ perspectives. In the midst of the COVID 19 crisis, the online platform offers collaborations with experts in the field of music as well as opportunities for academic discourse to flourish, thus creating a virtual space of learning and sharing.

This webinar series for music is headed by Prof. Ernesto “Bajo” Zaldua, Jr., and brought to you by the MSU-IIT Office of the Chancellor, College of Arts and Social Sciences, and the Dept. of Philosophy and Humanities in cooperation with the Center for Culture and Arts Studies with the support of the Octava Choral Society.

The invited speakers are Prof. Francisco A. Englis on the topic of The Higaunon Musical Instruments and their Significations; Dr. Felipe M. de Leon on the topic of Kundiman as Musical Genre; LaVerne C. de la Peña, Ph.D. on the topic of Crossing Borders – The Migration of the Mindanaon Kulintang, and dr. meLê yamomo for Manila Men: Sonus and Sonic Migration in the Nineteenth Century.

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