Sarong Banggi

Sarong Banggi is an ongoing conversation between meLê yamomo (performance and sound artist-scholar) and Pepe Dayaw (food and performance artist) who talk, sing, dance, and cook about macro- and micro-histories of Filipino diasporas and musical movements. The journey starts in 1571, with the establishment of the city of Manila as the beginning of globalization. Their stories synchronically span centuries of imperial, national, and postmodern migrations of the people and the culture we now call Filipino. Sarong Banggi unapologetically interweaves folk tunes, art songs, and pop music with comic banters and uninhibited confessionals of two queer migrant Filipinos who serendipitously met, jammed and cooked together at a pop-up café-bar in Neukölln. The performance concludes in a community partaking of a menu of tropical culinary nostalgia.

Premiered at Sari-sari (Berlin)  in September 2017

Food Culture Days (17 November 2017,  Vevey, Switzerland)
Trek (December 2017, Stadskantine, Alkmaar, The Netherlands)