Untangling Philippine Sound, Archive, And Knowledge: Workshop

The NWO Veni-Project Sonic Entanglements and the University of the Philippines Center for Ethnomusicology co-organize the “Untangling Philippine Sound, Archive, And Knowledge” on 5-6 August 2022.

The workshop brings together archivists, scientists, and scholars from different disciplines working on/in the issues of post/de-colonial Philippine sound histories and sound cultures. The event opens the conversation on the entanglements of colonial and decolonial sound research from different academic and scientific disciplinary perspectives: history, physics, engineering, biology, speech, media, performance studies, and ethnomusicology.

Joining the workshop are: Elizabeth Enriquez (Media History), Kristoffer R. Esquejo (History), Franz de Leon (Engineering), LaVerne David C. de la Peña (Musicology), Oscar Tantoco Serquiña (Performance Studiesand Speech Communication), Giovanni Tapang (Biology), Sol Maris Trinidad (Musicology), meLê yamomo (Performance and Media Studies). Also participating in the workshop is composer and sound artist, Teresa Barrozo, who will be creating a sound composition based on the workshop conversations and the sound archives presented.

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