meLê yamomo @Rewire Festival 2023

I will be at two events at this year’s Rewire Festival in The Hague. See you there!

Sonus and Sonic Entanglements

meLê yamomo

Thu 6 Apr | 19:00-20:00 | The Grey Space

During this video-lecture-performance and conversation, meLê yamomo will discuss his research on “sonus,” the sound that is archived in colonized bodies, and how to listen closely to the permeation of individual memory and translocal histories. meLê yamomo is a researcher, theatre director, and composer, currently living and working in Amsterdam and Berlin. His work focuses on time and place, sonic entanglements, and the materiality of sound. He is assistant professor of performance studies, sound studies, artistic research, and decoloniality at the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam. He is project leader of Sonic Entanglements and Decolonizing Southeast Asian Sound Archives, and author of Sounding Modernities: Theater and Music in Manila and the Asia Pacific 1869–1946 (2018). He is resident artist at Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Berlin where his works Echoing Europesonus – the sound within us, and Forces of Overtones are on repertoire. He also curates the Decolonial Frequencies Festival.

TIMEZONES: Ears on/of Makiling

by Norient, with Hannes Liechti, meLê yamomo

Episode 9 in the series by artists meLê yamomo and Nono Pardalis, explores the stories and sounds of Mount Makiling, located 80 km south of the Philippine capital of Manila. Makiling is the sacred site of local legends, the setting for numerous classical works of literature, and a pilgrimage destination for many mystics. It is also the home of many artists and arts students. This listening session will be introduced by meLê yamomo and Norient curator and editor Hannes Liechti. TIMEZONES is a project by Norient, co-initiated with the Goethe-Institut.

Thu 6 Apr | 22:00-22:45 | The Grey Space – Basement