Report: Untangling Philippine Sound, Archive, And Knowledge

On 5-6 August, nine scholars, scientists, engineers, historians, and musicians presented their sound archives and sonic theoretical reflections in the Untangling Philippine Sound, Archive, and Knowledge Workshop. We invited researchers and archivists who work with specific sound archives. We define a sound archive as a collection or library of sound recordings, personal or institutionally collected and created in or for the Philippine context. In working with the materiality of Philippine sound archives, the workshop aimed at making legible implicit scientific, academic, cultural, or social knowledges embedded in the sound recordings. The participants presented their archives: their content, history, collection purposes, and how these materials contribute to the practice and discipline. The presentations also contextualized scholarly and scientific theories drawn from these sonic archival materials.

The workshop examined the intersections and entanglements of knowledge systems within Philippine history, society, and scientific disciplines through cross- and inter-disciplinary conversations. How might one discipline learn or apply sound analyses from another discipline? What understandings can we draw from the different sound organization and listening practices in the various areas of knowledges? Can we formulate a sound theory from the entanglements of the various Philippine sound research practices and archiving? A book of collected essays will be published based on this workshop.

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