Nusasonic Radio — “Vicissitudes”

Check our latest episode of Nusasonic Radio — “Vicissitudes” produced by CTM Festival ⚡In this episode, we hear from different voices of Berlin’s Southeast Asian diaspora who are active in music, sound, and art scenes.

These voices are compiled into 4 segments:

Segment 1: Soydivision and Un.thai.theld collectivesfeatures discussion by founders Ariel William Orah and Sarnt Utamachote in conversation with Christine Kakaire, with tunes by Morgan Sully + Irma Fadhila, Debbie Chia, and NASHI44 + Ravenative.

Segment 2: Vietnamese diaspora features interview by Nguyễn Baly, mobilegirl, and NASHI44 in conversation with To Doan. And new tracks by Nguyễn + Transitory and mobilegirl.

Segment 3: MSG&Friends features co-founders Marque Pham and Jasmin Schreiber in conversation with Christine Kakaire. Supported by tunes from Silkie Psyche, Gina Lo, and Kei Watanabe.

Segment 4: Manila Mxn -an audio letter of queer coming out in counterpoint to musical canons, by meLê yamomo and Pepe Dayaw.

Go to to listen now! Image by VOJD. Recorded and edited by Ghaliz Filkhair Haris