“Eigenschwinungen – Forces of Overtones” premieres next week

“Eigenschwinungen – Forces of Overtones” premieres next week

On Thursday, Eigenschwinungen – Forces of Overtones will conclude the Autumn 2021 edition of »Decolonial Frequencies« Festival. Come join us at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse.

In this piece, I worked with cellist Eurico Ferreira Mathias to listen to the social compositions of fundamental and over tones that resound in our communal lives.

I often ask myself, is there a way to talk about decolonization without talking about colonialism? The root word itself is colonialism and it seems that all we could ever do is add a prefix “post” or “de” as a response to its presence. Is decolonization, therefore, only possible as a polemical position? If colonialism is the fundamental tone, is decolonization, just vibrations responding to the fundamentality of colonial frequencies? Is there a possibility to listen to a decolonial future without having to listen to the fundamental frequencies of patriarchy, cis-heteronormativity, capitalism, and colonialism?

As a way to weave together the threads of artistic questions and thoughts articulated in the festival, I share again this interview made by Gary Schultz two months ago at the Museum of Communication. In this short video, I spoke about how in my research and artistic projects that I’ve started in my PhD dissertation almost 12 years ago, I use sound as my method to decolonize my performance and artistic practice.

More information about this piece at: https://ballhausnaunynstrasse.de/play/festival-decolonial-frequencies-eigenschwingungen-die-wucht-der-obertoene/

After this show, the second edition of #decolonialfrequencies will return again in Spring 2022.