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Intercultural Processes & Art: The Next Level

Intercultural Processes & Art: The Next Level. Presentation of a performative laboratory of post-migrant arts.Post-migrant arts ‒ we ask ourselves: what are the current strategies, narratives and politics that can be identified in this theatre movement? What methods or approaches are new to us, reaching beyond previous terrains, artistic disciplines,… Continue reading

Sarong Banggi

Sarong Banggi is an ongoing conversation between meLê yamomo (performance and sound artist-scholar) and Pepe Dayaw (food and performance artist) who talk, sing, dance, and cook about macro- and micro-histories of Filipino diasporas and musical movements. The journey starts in 1571, with the establishment of the city of Manila as the… Continue reading

Rethinking the Dynamics of Music and Nationalism

SPIN organizes the international conference, Rethinking the Dynamics of Music and Nationalism. The conference is set on 26-29 September 2017 at De Rode Hoed, Cultureel Centrum (Amsterdam). The full program can be found here.  I’ll be presenting my research on the Philippine Military Band within my proposed framework of The Anthropology of Sound. Here’s… Continue reading

Manila mxn | Sari-sari Project (2016-present)

Sari-sari (Tagalog, adjective: “variety”) is an ongoing project/site that incubates sound and performance projects exploring the entanglements of contemporary aesthetics and ideologies within the issues of (post)colonial histories, intersectional politics, and queer migration. As one of Sari-sari’s artistic directors, meLê yamomo has implemented workshops, discussions, and exploratory platforms that engaged and questioned artistic… Continue reading