Ultima Context: Music Curation and Decolonisation

Ultima Context: Music Curation and Decolonisation

Dahlia Borsche
meLê yamomo
Rob Young – moderator

Friday, 16 September 2022, at 11:30–14:30 | Sentralen

What are the best strategies to build an inclusive culture from the perspectives of arrangers and practitioners? A seminar with a strong participation element that aims to raise questns and suggest solutions in the current debate around diversity in the arts.

The seminar will open with presentations by musicologist and curator Dahlia Borsche, and researcher/theatre-maker/composer meLê yamomo. All attendees of the seminar will then be encouraged to form breakout groups to discuss specific questions and topics relevant to the seminar, and then to present their thoughts and findings in a final summing-up session.

Dahlia Borsche is a musicologist and curator. In 2019 she became Head of Music &Sound at the DAAD Artists-In-Berlin programme.She has been active as promoter, DJ, coordination manager, and producer (CTM Festival Berlin, Labor Sonor et alt.). Her research interests focus on contemporary and transcultural music processes, thereby expanding traditional discipline boundaries to the fields of sound, urban, and cultural studies.

meLê yamomo lives and works between Amsterdam and Berlin, and is a researcher and theatre-maker/composer. He is Assistant Professor of theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Amsterdam, and is involved with the project Decolonizing Southeast Asian Sound Archives. He also curates the Decolonial Frequencies festival at Theater Ballhaus a Naunynstrasse Belrin and runs the Sonic Entanglements research programme and podcast.

In English.

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