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sonus – the sound within us

sonus – the sound within us. What is the sound of memory? How do we listen to memory in its multitude – to histories? The sound of history is ephemeral. And yet it persists. Electronic music, piano, lecture performance: in sonus ‒ the sound within us the performance artist and… Continue reading

Echoing Europe – Postcolonial Reverberations

A Sound Performance by meLê yamomo. Noise, din, background buzz, sound waves hit the eardrum. Sounds are physical touches. Touches of something unknown. If we knew what it was it might actually be “music”. Who decides what is “sound”? Who would classify it as “music”? Can we stand this touch?… Continue reading

Permanente Beunruhigung | Beunruhigung 2

Permanente Beunruhigung | Beunruhigung 2. With: Quinsy Gario (poet & performance artist), Daniel Lima (artist, curator, editor & researcher), Lobadys Pérez (dancer & choreographer), meLê yamomo (sound and performance artist-scholar); An encounter, a venture, a festival! We’re celebrating 10 years of post-migrant theatre at Ballhaus Naunynstraße with the internationally cast… Continue reading

Intercultural Processes & Art: The Next Level

Intercultural Processes & Art: The Next Level. Presentation of a performative laboratory of post-migrant arts.Post-migrant arts ‒ we ask ourselves: what are the current strategies, narratives and politics that can be identified in this theatre movement? What methods or approaches are new to us, reaching beyond previous terrains, artistic disciplines,… Continue reading