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Tuning In To Resonances

Tuning In To Resonances. It’s a contemporary survival technique: one checks websites and articles, in order to create a picture of someone before meeting them. Especially before flying 10,000km to meet a person for the first time, with whom one will publicly perform three days later. But this common practice… Continue reading

Unknown Frequencies

Unknown Frequencies. We live in a noisy place. We live in the city. Because here the simultaneity of voices prevails.  In Unknown Frequencies, Marque-Lin, performance artist, and Emilio Cordero Checa, sound and light designer, look for the political power of noise, for the comfort within noise. Because the opposite of “music”… Continue reading

Overlapping Waves

Overlapping Waves. The continental, imperial thinking covers the landscape. Hills and valleys are measured. Sounds and relationships are measured. But is that even possible? What happens if the landscape is mostly made up of water, if the in-between and the fluid rule life? If the currents get confused and one’s… Continue reading

Remix Almanya – A Post-Migrant Hip-Hop Narrative

Remix Almanya – A Post-Migrant Hip-Hop Narrative. We put together a story. A story which has become a remix of rap, migration and empowerment, in which the ambivalent echo of four decades of Almanya reverberates. What does the music of the so-called “guest workers” of the 1960s and 1970s and… Continue reading

Eigenschwingungen – Forces of Overtones

Eigenschwingungen – Forces of Overtones. The encounter: there is no sound without a second, third, fourth one. Something always resonates. But what? European music history prefers fundamental tones; they are considered “harmonious”. Bells, claves, gongs, flutes…most bodies of sound outside of Europe respond to different aesthetic needs. The specialist in… Continue reading